Surf ATL Community Spotlight: Nick Bramwell

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2 min readApr 27, 2021

Every person has a story and this is the latest installment of our Surf ATL Community Spotlight series where we will feature surfers and those part of the surf culture in the Atlanta area. Check out our previous spotlights on Thomas Roginsky here, Spencer Broome here, and Anthony Kennedy here.

If you love riding waves or know someone who does, message us via one of our social media channels or reach out via the contact page on our website. It doesn’t matter your skill level or if you are a wake surfer, ocean surfer, paddleboarder, or river surfer. We want to put the spotlight on you!

Introduce yourself!

Nick Bramwell. Grew up in Oahu, Hawaii. Career opportunity brought me to ATL.

Do you ocean surf, wake surf, river surf, paddle surf? Any or all of the above?

I love it all. Mostly surfed but also skimboarded heavy shorebreak; shaped some skimboards in the good old days for fun.

How did you get into surfing? In Atlanta or somewhere else?

Surfing is Hawaii’s “national” sport. If you don’t surf in Hawaii, I’m not sure what else you do.

Where and how often do you surf?

Now that I’ve moved away from Hawaii, I’ll periodically surf the Outer Banks, NC. Took a trip to Puerto Rico a few years ago. Since moving to ATL my boards make better wall decor than active tools in the quiver. But surfing 5 times a week in Hawaii was normal when there was swell! My favorite surf trips have been to Mexico and Fiji.

What do you do to advance your surfing/what is your favorite thing about surfing?

Picking up new land-based hobbies to stay in shape… Was skating consistently when I first moved here but I’m not as rubbery as my teenage years. Falling on concrete isn’t as fun as wiping out in water.

What are your hopes for the Atlanta surfing community in the future?

I think we can all agree on this one: WAVE PARK.

Any surfers in the Atlanta or Georgia community catch your eye?

Don’t know any yet, but thanks to Spencer for looping me into the community!



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