Surf ATLadies Meetup Love

🍷🏄‍♀️❤️ What a night on Thursday! We are so thankful for our community of Surf ATLadies and the joy, stoke, and love they share with each other!

Head to our Instagram to see the reel of the event!

A big thank you to @abigailfierce for leading and to @varasanospizzeria for hosting! 🙌

Look out for more Surf ATLadies events in the future! 🤙

And if you haven’t yet, head to our bio to join our new Surf ATLadies Facebook group that provides a space to meet others, plan trips, sessions, learn more about events & meetups, ask questions, get advice, and share the joy of riding waves! It doesn’t matter if you’re new to surfing, an avid shredder, an ocean surfer, or a wake surfer! 🌊

Connect, grow, and foster the joy of riding waves. In Atlanta.

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