Our Vision at Surf ATL


We can’t get anywhere alone. To achieve a larger vision, we need a group of people paddling (pun intended) in the right direction.

  • Share, Follow & Sign Up: If you’re out surfing in our lakes or rivers or somewhere else, tag us and follow us on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts and sign up for our community updates via email at the bottom of our website and, of course, follow this blog!
  • Show up & Share: We don’t want to just build a digital community but a community where we can physically share, learn and grow together. As we announce events via email, social media, or other channels, show up and share!
  • Represent the Community: Tell your friends and family about what we are building here in Atlanta or just show them! Head over to our store for Surf ATL gear and if there is something you don’t see or want, let us know!


There is pure joy in riding waves. Yes, even in Atlanta (and maybe especially so). Anyone who has ridden a wave knows that feeling of joy.

  • Community Access: The bigger and stronger surf community we build, the more resources, knowledge, and individual gifts we will be able to share with others. And of course, our love for riding waves will permeate through all of this.
  • Technology Advancement: Whether it’s behind boats, in rivers, or wave pools, wave-riding technology is hitting a crescendo and as a community, we will strive to bring these technologies to Atlanta so they are at our fingertips (and, more importantly, beneath our feet).

Accessible for All

The beautiful part about riding waves along the coast is you just need a board and a hope for swell.

Your Vision is Our Vision

We will be writing plenty more about the nuances of this larger vision along with the ideas, events, and growth we have planned but without you, it is all moot.



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Surf ATL

Surf ATL

Connect, grow, and foster the joy of riding waves. In Atlanta. http://surf-atl.com