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2 min readMar 16, 2021


In our first blog post, we outlined our larger vision for Surf ATL: to connect, grow, and foster the joy of riding waves here in Atlanta. There are multiple levels and nuances within that vision but the first and, perhaps, most important is driving the vision forward through the power of a shared community.

What is our common ground?

Communities share a common ground — the neighborhood you live in, the music you listen to, the church you attend, or the team you follow are all examples of common ground that is the foundation for a larger community.

Our common ground is pretty easy.

The feeling of riding waves. After you feel it for the first time (maybe after seemingly endless failing and falling), you want to talk about it, get better at it, and share it with others.

That’s what will connect our community together. A feeling.

It won’t really matter if you were a wakeboarder or a paddle boarder, a wake surfer, a landlocked surfer, or just someone who got into the water for the first time. The feeling of riding a wave is the foundation, and a strong one, to build a community upon, and anyone who has felt it knows.

Show Up & Share

A community can’t just be common ground, though. You have to, you know, do stuff. Organize around that common ground.

Organizing could take on many forms like open surf sessions, training sessions and videos, social events, and contests but the key part is for each of us to show up and share.

  • Share expertise
  • Share time
  • Share resources
  • Share support

Lending these things to one another will make the vision of Surf ATL come to fruition quicker and on a larger scale.

Have ideas about how to grow the community or want to help lead? Reach out to us here!

Represent the Community

Every day people tell others about who they are and what they represent and not by speaking to them but by the causes and organizations they support.

At Surf ATL, we hope our larger vision is something the community is proud to represent — connecting, growing, and fostering the joy of riding waves (and check out our store if you want to represent physically).

We look forward to sharing plenty more in coming blogs and updates about the growth of this budding community.

So engage, share and connect!

Or if you want to reach out to us with questions, ideas, or just general good vibes, contact us here!



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