Community Built on Sharing

Shared Experiences

Experiences are best shared with others — bonds are built, memories are developed, and competencies are grown. We believe that and we believe the community will push wave-riding in Atlanta forward because of the shared experiences we hope to nurture at Surf ATL via waves.

  • Sharing expertise
  • Sharing time
  • Sharing resources
  • Sharing support
  • Expertise. This could be knowledge with a certain type of wave, board, or trick or even expertise in marketing, community building, or fundraising that can help grow the surf culture in Atlanta. Sharing expertise with individuals or the larger group benefits everyone.
  • Time. Time is everyone’s most precious resource and everyone seems to have less and less of it in today’s world. But this means when you do lend time to others, it is of utmost value. Maybe it’s to lend an ear to someone or to give advice or to join an initiative — whatever it is, giving your time is a major part of sharing with the community.
  • Resources. This could be viewed through a physical or non-physical lens. Picking up someone for a ride to surf, donating to a cause, or even lending a particular mental state to someone all qualify as sharing resources. And like time, they are limited but so valuable.
  • Support. Everyone needs someone in their corner at some point in their life. Cheer someone on, lift someone up, or push someone forward. This type of support advances the spirit of the community.



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Surf ATL

Surf ATL

Connect, grow, and foster the joy of riding waves. In Atlanta.